Royal Analyzer Pro 6000


Start your prospect journey with the new Royal Analyzer PRO 6000, with the professional 3D ground scan system and the live scan system, is now released and available upon request, with the most advanced technology to detect gold, precious metals, raw metals, voids, caves, underground utilities and more.

The all new Royal Analyzer PRO 6000 was modified and improved to obtain the best overall, with the two vertical sensors supporting wide signal range affection to cover a big area of four square meters and up to 35 meters deep.

The high sensitivity sensors and high voltage power bank ensure full signal capacity is released. Your target will be found with no doubt.

Weight 14.8 kg
Dimensions 64 × 51 × 32 cm

Royal Analyzer PRO 6000

Most of the ground imaging devices found on the market are manufactured based on theoretical calculations and scientific equations, and same method was applied to the old version of Royal Analyzer device, but the new Royal Analyzer Pro 6000 has been developed and manufactured based on users feedback and real field experiments by the most experienced gold prospectors and miners, in addition to the theoretical calculations and scientific equations.

No more faulty results, no more random digging and no more effort to find gold.

All functions a prospector may need in a ground scanner are available in the new Royal Analyzer PRO 6000 and much more useful features have been added to it to analyze your scan result and better understand the underground buried object and get to know all the details about it prior to digging.

Features for Royal analyzer Pro 6000


The all new Royal Analyzer PRO 6000 comes with a solid case designed especially for, the outer body is made of a hard material to keep the device safe from any circumstances that may affect or damage the device, and is supported with two front locks and two side locks.

The entire part consists of two parts; upper and lower, the upper part contains a soft sponge to keep the device parts safe from scratch, while the lower part contains on the same material divided precisely for each and every part of the device to protect it from scratch, dust or any other harmful circumstances.

Parts And Components:

  1. Main Unit – easy to carry, smooth and lightweight, it also contains a 5 inch colorful screen, it also contains the control stick which controls the device options, calibration button, and power button.
  2. BR Systems Tablet – designed especially for Royal Analyzer PRO 6000, and supports Android, can be placed into the Main Unit with safety locks.
  3. Headphones – wireless headphones, chargeable .
  4. Power Bank – 9000 mAH
  5. Charger – Two electric chargers for the tablet “Type C” and normal plug charger for the power bank.

Royal Analyzer Pro 6000 Device Accessories

Royal analyzer accessories

Detection System 3D Ground Scan - Live Scan System
Detection Targets Cavities - Gold - Metal
Search Depth 35 Meters
Operating Principle EMS System
Operation Processor 1.4 Ghz ARM
Display Screen 5 inch 800 x 480 pixel - 8 inch Samsung Android System
Battery Input : 12.6 volt 2A - Output: 12 volt 3A - Capacity : 9000 mAh
Power Rating 12 volt 370 mAh
Battery Endurance 5 hours
Power Adapter 12.6 volt 1.2A
Storage 16 GB
Sound YES
Notifications YES
Bluetooth YES
Wireless Yes
Overall Dimensions 64 x 51 x 32 cm
Package Total Weight 14.8 kg
Operating Temperature 0°C : 70°C
Storage Temperature -20°C : 70°C