GF 650


This device is designed for efficient exploration and prospecting of gold nugget and metal coins, all at
an economical price that is accessible to everyone. Its remarkable specifications make it a product not to be
underestimated, and it proudly stands as the first device produced through our company’s branch in Singapore.

The GF 650 is equipped with two different-sized search coils, providing users with a wide range
of options for detecting extremely small, medium, and large targets. Its key features include a lightweight
design, compact size, and user-friendly operation. The device’s high sensitivity towards underground targets,
coupled with its precise discrimination capability, sets it apart from others in the market. Furthermore, it
comes with a high-resolution display that clearly shows the settings, adjustments, and results, along with
multiple search modes that can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 24 × 13 cm
Detection Targets Target Detection Targets

Gold, Gold Nuggets, Metal, Treasures

Detection Systems System Detection System

(VLF) Very Low Frequency System

GF 650 Metal and Gold Detector

  • Searching for gold nuggets.
  • Detecting buried metals.
  • Treasure hunting expeditions.
  • Searching for metal and gold coins.
  • Detecting silver, copper and bronze.
  • Accurate searching on sands and beaches.
  • Utilizing discrimination mode to target specific metals of interest.

GF 650

  • Perfect and professional performance for detecting gold nuggets, metals, and buried treasures.
  • A user-friendly device suitable for hobbyists and professionals, dependable for accurate and challenging search missions.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability and use.
  • Automatic and manual calibration, enabling users to achieve precise calibration in various soil conditions with astounding results.
  • Smart mode feature: Allows users to achieve precise target identification with automatic adaptation to the surroundings, ignoring any interference and providing progressive audio
  • Adjustable frequency settings: Offers precise tuning for obtaining the best results with great control over the search frequency.
  • Highly adjustable sensitivity levels up to 99 levels.
  • Adjustable sound level with 10 different volume levels.
  • Equipped with two search coils: The first coil is a specialized 5-inch double-D coil for detecting small gold fragments and nuggets, and the second coil measures 5″x10″ inches
  • Preferred battery compartment: Allows the use of various battery types, either 9-volt batteries, standard AA batteries, or rechargeable batteries based on user preference.
  • Comes with a dedicated charging unit for those who prefer using rechargeable batteries.
  • Audio options: Users can rely on the high-quality external audio or use the 3.5mm audio port with included headphones.
Detection System (VLF) Very Low Frequency System
Detection Targets Gold - Gold Nuggets - Metal - Treasures
Operating Principle Digital data measurement and processing through transmitting and receiving frequencies to detect and discriminate metals
Operating Search Frequency Multiple frequencies: 12.8 kHz.
Operation Processor MICROCONTROLLER for digital signal processing
Display Screen 2.7″ inch screen with three-color display.
Battery Multiple battery options.
Power Rating 300 mA
Battery Endurance 11 hours of continuous operation.
Operating Temperature From -15°C to 60°C.
Storage Temperature From -15°C to 40°C.
Humidity Can be stored and operated at up to 90% humidity.
Package Total Weight Assembled: 1.3 kg, Packed with all accessories: 2.5 kg.
Overall Dimensions Assembled: 140 cm, Package dimensions: 50x24x13 cm.