It’s time to get rid of complex and heavy devices and move on to new detection technologies, TF MINI Precious metal detector wrist watch with built-in nano technology, to reach your treasure and fulfill your dream.
Because MWF always seeks to develop and provide a distinctive and effective product and is concerned with the requirements of explorers and adventurers who love searching for treasures all over the world.
TF MINI device works WITH built-in radar detection system to detect and search for radioactive ionization of precious metals buried underground.

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2.5 cm

TF-MINI Metal and Treasures Detectors

  • The small size of the device helps in accessing search places that cannot be reached through another device.
  • Detection of precious metals, buried in the ground.
  • Discover treasures hidden in different places.
  • Detection while driving a motorcycle or bicycle.
  • You can move around and travel with it wherever you want.
  • Get rid of complex and heavy appliances.


  • A small treasure and metal detector that attaches to the wrist like a luxury watch
  • It has a comfortable design and streamlined shape, and it suits all tastes
  • It is so light in weight that you don’t feel it on your wrist
  • There is no need to constantly change batteries as it includes a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Low power consumption voltage with high sensitivity
  • Light weight only 90 grams
  • Quick response and one-click reset and calibration capabilities
  • Pointer audio The interactive visual interacts upward as the target is approached
  • Programming system and automatic compatibility with all types of terrain and rocky, mountainous, sandy and muddy soils.
  • It has battery level and voltage drop indicator function
  • Interactive light indicator, it reacts gradually when approaching or moving away from the metal
  • Interactive audio and visual response indicator, which gives an accurate determination of the size of the metal according to the strength of sensitivity
  • The battery life in use mode is 8 hours
  • Advanced and accurate signal sending and receiving system(HSW), which is uniquely provided by MWF, through its study and modern development processes for the shape of the signal and loading it on highly sensitive wave paths.
  • This device is made of the best plastics, components and electronic circuits with international standards.
  • Accuracy and high quality in manufacturing and performance.
Detection System Ionic built-in radar
Detection Targets Metal
Search Depth 5 Meters
Search Distance 20 Meters
Operating Principle Processing levels and signals of radioactive ionization to detect buried precious metals
Operation Processor MICROCONTROLLER PIC18 & ARM 7
Battery Two lithium-ion cells, 7.4 volts, 400 mAh.
Power Rating 200 mA
Battery Endurance 8 hours
Power Adapter 9V 1A / Charging time: 30 minutes
Operating Temperature from -15°C °C to 55 °C °C
Storage Temperature from – 15°C °C to 50 °C °C
Humidity It can be stored and operated at a humidity level of 90% degrees
Overall Dimensions 8 x 6 x 2.5 cm
Package Total Weight Compound: 90 g – in bag: 400 g